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  • Catherine Morgan

    Catherine Morgan

    Financial Adviser, Planner & Coach

    Catherine Morgan is the Founder of The Money Panel. She has a huge passion for educating women around both the behavioural, emotional and practical aspects of money. She is a Mum of two boys and a self-confessed emotional spender! She supports women through a non jargon approach to money, encouraging women to talk about those matters that are still very taboo. She believes that everybody should have access to financial education. She has been in financial services for 18 years and holds a Diploma in Financial Advice alongside being a Pension Transfer Specialist. She is also a qualified money coach and regularly speaks at financial conferences to try and fly the flag for women in financial services. She sold her first business in her early 30’s, is also a qualified personal stylist and has been featured in The Daily Mail. She was nominated as a finalist in the Women in Financial Advice Award 2018 and her podcast was also nominated as a finalist as one of the Top Money Podcasts in the UK in the UK Money Bloggers Shomo Awards 2018. She also works as a regulated financial planner when women need more than just financial guidance.

What you will learn

  • 1
  • 2
    • Let's get started with a few questions
    • Next steps
  • 3
    Building your capsule wardrobe - The Basics of investing
  • 4
    Choosing the right heel height - Understanding Risk
    • How do you feel about investing and how much risk do you need to take when investing?
    • Workbook
  • 5
    Choosing the right brand & shopping experience - Understanding Shares & Funds
    • Shares - Jargon Busting!
    • Workbook
    • Putting the fun back into 'Funds!'
  • 6
    How to avoid the fashion faux-pas - How our own behaviours can lead us to make bad decisions & how to stop them!
    • Workbook
    • Investment biases - Introducing the 6 money habits, self attribution, anchoring, loss aversion & hindsight bias
    • Investment Biases - Trend-chasing & Ethical investing
  • 7
    Choosing the right storage solution - ISAs and Pensions
    • How to choose the right storage solution
    • Pensions
    • ISAs
    • Unwrapped Funds and tax
    • Make sure your pension goes to the right person - Reading
    • Workbook - Pensions
    • Workbooks - ISAs & Other Savings Accounts
  • 8
    Planning your shopping spree - When is the best time to invest
    • When is the best time to invest and what are the benefits of investing monthly?
    • Planning Your Shopping Spree Workbook
  • 9
    Talking fashion sense - What is the Stockmarket, Active Vs Passive and Asset Classes
    • Choosing your favourite department store - What the Stockmarket is
    • Designer or high street - Active Vs Passive Funds, Index Funds and Exchange Traded Funds
    • Quick fashion fix or timeless investment - Different types of shares/funds
    • Grabbing your flip flops and boots - Different asset classes
  • 10
    Ethical Investing
    • Aligning your values and your ethics
    • Ethical Investing PDF
  • 11
    The Walkabout - Choosing the right platform and company - Getting started
    • How to buy an investment - let's get you started
    • DIY Investing
    • Attitude to risk
    • Reviewing your investments
    • How to avoid an investment scam
    • What have you decided so far?
  • 12
    Polish and re-heel - What next, Assessing Performance and 7 Top Tips
    • Once you are invested, what do you do next?
    • Assessing performance
    • My 7 Top Tips for Investing
    • 7 Top Tips for Investing PDF
  • 13
    Designer price tag or bargain hunter - Understanding charges
    • Which is best- expensive or cheap & understanding charges
  • 14
    Next Steps
    • Recommended Book List
    • How do you feel?
    • Next Steps - Grab a cuppa!
    • Robo-advice Comparisons to get you started
    • Points to consider before investing
    • Ask any questions in the Facebook Group
  • 15
    Podcasts for you to listen to continue to build your confidence
    • Pensions, ISAs and Unwrapped Investments
    • The importance of saving and investing for children
    • How to start investing

FREE Bonuses

  • The 'From Spender to Saver' Course

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    When you enroll on the 'In Her Financial Shoes' course, you also get FREE access to the From 'Spender to saver' course, worth £147. Take back control of your money and create a spending plan.


  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    You get lifetime access to this course, including any updates to the course later on

  • Do I have to have lots of money to invest to do this course?

    No! What you learn on this course, you can start implementing with as little as £1. This course is for anyone on their journey to building wealth.

  • Is it financial advice?

    No - we believe in educating you to make your own financial decisions. Therefore the content of this course is for your information only and is not deemed to be financial advice. If you would like financial advice, please contact me to book in a free discovery call for financial advice.

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